Founder’s Journey

How Small-Scale Investing Works

After college I took a job at Intuit as one of two product managers for their Quicken product. Working there, I got to see what it was like inside a real FinTech company and understand the nuances of the industry. A couple years later, I left to work at DFJ, a venture capital firm. My experience at Intuit turned me into the FinTech guy at DFJ. I was always on the lookout for good FinTech companies to invest in.

Why Is Funding Companies Any Different?

Often in venture, there are no transparent systems to determine who gets funded and who doesn’t. Founders get anywhere from one to ten meetings where different questions are asked every time. In my experience, some founders would come in with a strong, thoughtful deck filled with everything we needed to know; others had great ideas, but needed the information forcibly dragged out of them.

Founding Capital

Accessing the amount of data needed to evaluate a multifaceted investment such as a company seems difficult, but companies are already well-poised to meet this need. More and more companies are using cloud systems of record, meaning their banking, accounting, payroll, and more are all available digitally. This data could offer a powerful glimpse into the health of a company and its long-term viability.

  1. I worked at a venture capital firm, so I not only had connections but the knowledge of what investors were looking for.
  2. I’d watched dozens of FinTech companies receive funding at DFJ and elsewhere, so I knew that companies in a similar niche should be able to get funding.


Today, more than ever, investors and companies need the tools to make deals digitally and remotely. The future of investing isn’t in networking events and pitch meetings; it’s in hard data, which will allow investors to make more informed decisions about the companies they choose to support.



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